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Hello Friends and Family and Thanks for visiting my Mission Trip fundraising page.

As many of you already know, I went on a short-term mission trip for a week last year to Quertero, Mexico. Well after much thought and prayer, I've decided to go on another mission trip this year. You may wonder why I have decided to go on another mission trip and the answer is simple. I feel that I have been given much, and I feel the God wants me to use the gifts and abilities he has given me to impact people's lives. 'How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news' - Isaiah 52:7. This time I will be gone for two weeks and I will join a team traveling to Slovenia to serve at a teenagers' summer camp there. Through every project from teaching conversational English to leading activities we will be developing relationships with individuals and pouring out love on these kids. With God's help we will form lasting relationships and show them what Christ like love is. A recent survey* showed that only 1,000 people in all of Slovenia claim to be evangelical Christians. This places it among the most un-evangelized countries of the world. The Lord has given us the opportunity to be a light in some dark places.

*************************************Trip Summary*******************************************************
VEC (MORE) is a conversation English camp summer program in Slovenia. It is a grassroots approach to reach Slovene youth for Christ and welcome them to a local church.

VEC (MORE) English camps are a tool offered by newly formed VEC organization in cooperation with Josiah Venture and local Slovene churches to help Slovene youth groups bring the message of the gospel to youth in Slovenia in an engaging, non-threatening environment. I will be serving with a Slovene youth group team, and serving together an evangelistic English camp for high school and junior high students.

At the camps our team will teach conversational English, build relationships with non-Christians through activities (sports and free time), lead small group discussions, and participate in the evening programs consisting of music, drama, games, and testimonies. After the camp, our team will return to the youth groups town to experience Slovene culture and follow-up with students who attended the English camp. In the end, we hope our team will have shared the transforming power of a relationship with Christ through the testimony of our lives and that we will have bridged students to the Slovene youth team and local church by demonstrating the beauty and strength of Christian community.

Our team will experience a balance of evangelism, team building, and personal growth while encouraging Slovenes in their ministry.

I would love for you to be involved in the work God is doing through me either through prayer or financially. My team and I need your prayers for wisdom, safety, and strength as we seek to meet the needs of the Slovene youth. I also need your help financially. I need to raise $2500 to cover the cost of the trip and materials. All donations are tax deductible. If you feel it in your heart to do so you may mail me a check and make checks payable to North Point Ministries with "Lyndsey Ham Slovenia Trip" on the memo line. Send the check to me at the address below so that I may keep track of who has given what. If you prefer to donate online, you can donate by navigating to, clicking the 'donate now' button, and then under the Country field, selecting Slovenia, under the Trip field, select Slovenia Student Camp - 7/1/08 - 7/14/08, and under the Individual field type my name.

Thank you for your consideration of supporting this mission trip and me either through donation or through prayer. Please let me know if I can answer any questions for you.

Thank you for your love, prayers and support!

In Christ,

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